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Our Services

Construction Management at Risk

Construction management at risk is similar to professional agency construction management in that the construction manager provides a full range of construction management services to the owner. The major difference is that the construction manager generally holds the construction contracts and assumes the risks and obligations of a general contractor. Additionally, the construction manager may elect to perform some of the work with their own forces. This is similar to general contracting in that the owner may have only one contract with the construction manager for all of the construction trades. This type of project delivery is most common among semi-public and private owners.

Construction Management Agency

A form of construction management performed in a defined relationship between the construction manager and owner. The agency form of construction management establishes a specific role of the construction manager acting as the owner's principal agent in connection with the project/program. Contracts with the building contractors are typically held directly with the owner. The construction manager may or may not be allowed to bid on portions of the work. This is the most common construction management service among public owners. Some state and federal agencies will only recognize this type of contractual relationship.

General Contracting

This type of project delivery utilizes a general contractor/construction management organization who undertakes responsibility for the performance of the work through their own means and methods in accordance with the contract documents by providing and controlling the labor, material and equipment to accomplish the work. The general contractor/construction manager may or may not provide pre-construction services. The owner may elect to negotiate a contract or simply hard bid the project after completion of the drawings, specifications and contract documents. Public and private owners utilize this type of delivery system.

Pre-Construction Services

The following is a typical list of services provided by Universal Construction Company, Inc. This list will be tailored to meet each client's specific needs. These services are used by design professionals and informed building owners that want a professional builder’s perspective of their project(s) to help ensure that cost, schedule and quality controls are in place prior to bidding.
  • Prioritize owner needs for today, tomorrow, and the future
  • Solicit design services (when required)
  • Establish overall budget
  • Establish quality standards
  • Establish overall schedule
  • Establish phasing schedule
  • Provide cost estimates
  • Provide constructability reviews
  • Review local permitting requirements
  • Audit and spark local interest
  • Develop bid packages
  • Solicit contractors/suppliers
  • Receive, summarize, recommend, and award contracts

Construction Forensics

Universal Construction Company, Inc. will help owners find solutions to their existing building concerns. We have a team of licensed professionals that assist with issues. Our team will diagnose problems and propose a solution, whether it is structural, mechanical, electrical, architectural or civil. Our clientele includes building owners, facility and maintenance staff, design firms, board members, and legal staff.

Universal Equipment Company

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